Spice Mill Oak Expand

Spice Mill European Oak


The heartwood is light brown to yellow brown and darkens later. Narrow-ringed, i.e. close-grown, very light-colored wood is given preference for veneer. Winter felling and intensive log protection are necessary.

Origin: Europe

Range: One of the most frequent species of tree in European forests, occurs mostly as pedunculate or sessile oak. The most well-known locations for high quality veneer oak are the Spessart and Palatinate in Germany and Troncais in France. Starting in the mid-nineties, imports from Eastern Europe have constantly been increasing due to extensive occurrences of oak forests there. Oak does not exist in Central and North Scandinavia.

  • stainless steel
  • titanium (for salt)
  • standard
  • elegant packaging

150,00 €

Tax excluded

Delivery time: Austria 2-3 workdays, Europe 3-7 workdays, other countries up to 20 workdays
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Sicheres Bezahlen / Secure Payment

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