Spice Mill Sycamore Expand

Spice Mill Sycamore


This almost white wood yellows under the influence of light and air if the veneers are not dried quickly enough. Heart discoloration is possible but since the logs normally have large diameters this is not such a problem.

Origin: Europe

Range: Sycamore is to be found all over Europe. Top quality logs can yield prices of more than EUR 10,000 per cubic meter. The wood fibres are wavy which gives this species of wood its typical pattern.

  • stainless steel
  • titanium (for salt)
  • standard
  • elegant packaging

135,00 €

Tax excluded

Delivery time: Austria 2-3 workdays, Europe 3-7 workdays, other countries up to 20 workdays
Sicheres Bezahlen / Secure Payment
Sicheres Bezahlen / Secure Payment

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